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BUI0 is the cutting edge personalized surf forecast® delivered via FREE APP for iPhone and Android since 2017.

While nowadays surf forecasts are usually based on generalizations made by human forecasters, BUIO App is a Smart Surf Log. The free custom surf forecasting tool is developed in San Diego, CA and works worldwide.

BUIO App’s backend is based on machine learning and merges the functionality of a classic surf  journal with current swell and weather data from buoys and weather reporting systems into a custom surf forecast.

The stunning result is BUIO App’s personalized surf forecast®, a Smart Surf Log, which becomes more accurate while its user is logging more sessions.

Smart Surf Log

With a growing database of surf sessions and surf checks logged, BUIO App learns what the user prefers and makes recommendations based on previous experiences in the form of an individualized surf forecast, or as we’d like to say, it gives you #YourBestBet.

By processing the swell and weather data together with the users personal ratings of each surf session or surf check, BUIO App is trained what type of conditions the user prefers at a certain spot. Safe to say, BUIO App is a smart surf log.

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Get a personalized surf forecast with BUIO App

Remember that ​fantastic session last March at your favorite spot?
​Never again did it feel this good?

BUIO© will be able to tell you exactly when wave size, swell direction, wind and tides are the same – or similar enough – again, and you might be one of the only ones out, just because that generalized forecast only called it ‘fair’ .
Rate and track your sessions and surf checks and grow your ​personal ​surf ​journal. BUIO App is a smart surf log. At the same time you can keep track of the current swells, wave heights, local tide and wind via live buoy and weather data reporting.

Individualized surf forecast to beat the crowds

BUIO App​© saves your sessions and surf checks , learns ​from your ratings ​and suggests a good spot for your next session based on your individual likes and preferences.

BUIO App is a free and personalized surf forecasting tool

+ You get to add surf spots and breaks wherever you like.

If a spot has different breaks, insides, outsides, even lefts and rights, you get to create a spot where you can log sessions. Hit the app’s home menu ≡ and +Spot. Now you get to move around the spot on the map. Once you are sure about the correct location, you get to name the spot.

+ Surf forecasting around the globe.

If you go on a surf trip or move away, start logging your sessions and surf checks form day one. You get to choose how far you would like to drive via the “Distance”-option  in your live forecast. As off now, BUIO App only has limited functionality in parts of the world, where swell data isn’t available comprehensively.

+ You don’t have to spend any money on downloading and using the app. 

BUIO App is a free app available for Android and iPhone. We keep ads to a minimum, so you have a smooth experience while using the app. On top of  that, you will save gas money for surf checks and become a more sustainable surfer.

+ A personalized surf forecast is tailored to your preferences in surfing.

It automatically acknowledges your skill level, the wave size you are comfortable in and the boards you ride. You don’t have to enter this information, your BUIO App learns what you enjoy. Even if you get better, start riding different boards or start surfing new spots, the app adapts with the help of an ever evolving code based on machine learning .


Inspirations from BUIO App surf sessions and perfect waves.

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Find out why users like their BUIO App!

Sarah Lee Photographer via App Store

Thanks to BUiO, i’ve been able to score some of my favorite spots practically empty. Being able to rate sessions based on my experience and preferences according to the conditions AND get notifications of predicted conditions according to my preferences is so much more helpful compared to what  other surf forecasting sites say.

Heather Surf instructor via App Store

Finally! A way that I can easily log my sessions. The more sessions I log, the better my personalized forecasting gets. I especially like the ocean topography map to understand how the waves at my favorite spots work. This app has really increased my knowledge about surf forecasting! Highly recommended.

ausNESurf via App Store

This app is great for applying machine learning to your local surf spot and surfing preferences. Allowing for user input really gives it the weight to out-compete other standard prediction apps.

Mikytron Ouyea via App Store

I used to log in my sessions on a notebook where I would write down the spot name, date, swell conditions, wind tide and so on, but I would often forget the exact conditions and it was hard to use it for anything else. This app is way better. It is easier to annotate the sessions and it retrieves the exact swell conditions for the date and time of your surf. The best part it is that it learns what you like,  (although it takes three or four logged sessions to start working) and recommends to you what spot is more likely to give you the surf you want. A nice feature is that you can share your session with contacts (without giving away secret spots) and make them jealous or let them know when they are missing good waves. 100% recommended.

Carlitos Wayyy via App Store

Great App! It works. I love that it is customized to what YOU like. Epic surfing on Surfline might be too big for you and it is not really site-specific either.

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BUIO App Customer Service

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