Personalized Surf Forecast.

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The more sessions you log to your personal Buio© database, the better surf you will have, guaranteed. Build up your Smart Surf Log©!



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Buio© is personalized surf​ forecasting.

Remember that ​fantastic session last March at your favorite spot?
​Never again did it feel this good?

Buio© will be able to tell you exactly when wave size, swell direction, wind and tides are the same again, and you might be one of the only ones out, just because that online forecast didn’t look that good that day….
Rate and track your sessions and grow your ​personal ​surf ​journal. Sessions keep track of the current wave data, local tide and wind.

Buio​© saves your sessions , learns ​from your ratings ​and suggests a good spot for your next session based on your individual likes and preferences. It’s a Smart Surf Log©!



Find out why users like their personalized  Buio forecast

Sarah Lee Photographer

Thanks to BUiO, i’ve been able to score some of my favorite spots practically empty. Being able to rate sessions based on my experience and preferences according to the conditions AND get notifications of predicted conditions according to my preferences is so much more helpful compared to what  other surf forecasting sites say.

Heather Surf instructor

Finally! A way that I can easily log my sessions. The more sessions I log, the better my personalized forecasting gets. I especially like the ocean topography map to understand how the waves at my favorite spots work. This app has really increased my knowledge about surf forecasting! Highly recommended.



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